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Model: 1168-GPS-B


Main functions and parameters:

◆built-in lithium batteries, built-in high gain GPS\GSM antenna, GPS industrial-grade module, GSM industrial-grade module, With GPS inhibit drift module and algorithm,wide range power supply
◆Support parameters setup by SMS or USB
◆Support base station and GPS dual model complementary positioning
◆support car power failure alert and power cord cut off alert
◆Compatible with the original car power and support ACC car status display
◆support original car horn alarm function
◆can work with SSG GPS platform: real-time GPS positioning, tracking playback, cross-border alarm, overspeed alarm, mileage statistics, blind spot repay

Standard package includes:
Host X 1 (built-in battery, antenna)
Connecting wires X 1 (positive & negative pole wires\ACC detection wire\horn detection wire,)
USB cable X 1
User manual X 1
Warranty card X 1
QC certificate X 1
Gift box X 1



Platfrom function presentation

SSG GPS vehicle manage system,aim to manage vehicle,including date management,and GPS positioning for single or vehicle team,to get the exact positioning,speed and direction detail. real-time GPS location and tracking playback at any time.


Real-time GPS location and tracking function



Tracking playback function

Geo-fence function


Alarm function




Ranking management

Add vehicles function



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