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Car GPS and Monitoring Station

The monitoring and managing system is made up of Central Database and Four Software Modules--communication module, system material management module, GIS(geographic information system) module and forms statistics module. The communication is the core which supports accesses of various communication modes such as GSM, GPRS, voice, paging etc.. Besides, the system has excellent expansibility.

3.1 The structure chart of monitoring center network

3.1.1 Description for the network structure

The monitoring center by several GIS graphic workstation, database server, communication server, system management workstation, voice gateway workstation, UPS power and network connection of equipment, such as an organic network structure; Through the router and the safety of the external systems interconnection; And through the big screen, projectors and dual graphics CARDS main controlling computer can realize great GIS information display and moving target monitoring. The network in the architecture to main form in detail:    

(1)Central server
Central server can adopt INTEL or IBM high-end server and operating system of Windows 2000 Advance SERVER. Dualsystem hot backup (DHBS) can be chosen.
◆ Database server: mainly used to store data of communicating, dispatching, alarm, system managing, statistics, public information and related material; run large database software system like SQL SERVER、MY SQL、ORACLE; maintained by professional system administrator;
◆ Communication server: run related communication and network management program; finish information sending and receiving and network monitoring;
◆ Backup server: real-time back up data of the sever via related backup hardware or software to ensure data safety and the running continuity of the system;


(2) Workstations
The monitoring system temporarily sets several GIS workstations whose number can be expanded. It can realize flexible moving target distribution and meanwhile control and record every operation via vehicle group and user role limits of authority setting; every GIS workstation regards the electronic map, GIS and application management software of moving target as the software platform and use graphic workstation as hardware support to take charge of the moving target's positioning monitoring, history playback and dispatch management.

  1.   Network equipment

It is in charge of forming internal LAN (local area network ) and special line network needed when car moving to ensure the system's network, expansion and internal safety.

(4) Large-screen projector equipment
As a display equipment, we suggest the 1024*768 large-screen projector.

(5) UPS power supply
The UPS is provided as the above system structure and round-the-clock running demands of the monitoring center. The UPS can work more than 4 hours. We allocated UPS as the number of computers and other controlling devices in the device list. 

4.1.2 The construction mode of branch center
To goup users, the subordinates have many branch centers which all need real-time monitoring and vehicle dispatching. To solve this problem, the branch center can use ADSL mode to connected with Internet and so can the head center on condition that apply a fixed global IP site in the head center. Since the COM+ technology used in the central system and whole communication and database system also located in it, we can regard the branch centers as the simple expansion of the GIS workstation of the head center and they can be easily extended; meanwhile, the branch centers can also have their own database enjoying more flexible branch center's design plan of the head center's communication sources.

4.2  Central database
Central database is the core of the whole monitoring management system to deal with the high-flow data. According to rich industrial applying experience, the database structure we designed has excellent performance and the types of monitoring targets have expanded to any moving target instead of the old vehicle target. Meanwhile the database can store the largest information with the smallest physical space via optimizing the index, key words and relationships. Together with software, it supports various car terminals.
The database system is running in two high-performance servers, storage of the vehicle in this system, car terminal, the user's basic information, as well as historical data, operation records. It is mainly to store the following data:
◆ Car Desk attribute information
◆ vehicle registration information
◆ network clients (including individual users and group users) information;
◆ User Information
◆ command records positioning information on the history
◆ Center
◆ Automatic alarm information
◆ Communication Server backup of the information of the routing table


3.3 Software system
3.3.1 Communication module
The part is mainly responsible for the data communication function.
It supports DDN and GSM/ GPS compatible with various access protocols such as China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom etc.. The functions are embodied below:

◆Support super capacity (support to send more than 200 pieces per second)
◆Support multilevel framework (fit for super-large-scale application--city network,province network, national interconnection )
◆Support various access protocols (support various SMSC protocols of China Mobile and China Unicom , ISMG gateway access protocols, more than 10 can be supported at present)
◆Support various communication channels to transfer information each other
◆Support impeccable saving of communicating records
◆ Support warm start of port and the main modules can be removed online
◆Support cascade connection of similar communications gateway
◆Support the accesses of various branch center at the same time like  DDN,PPP,VPN,ADSL

The picture above is the working interface of the system.

4.3.2 System data management
With special data management software, it can realize the system management function. The software can manage data of system safety, vehicle, user. Also can support function such as, add, delete, modify, store, inquire, print and so on.
u safety management
User management    vehicle operating limits of authority controlling    register record management
u data base management
Data setting of  System initialization    dictionary maintain    historic data maintain  back up and recovery of the data base .
u  vehicle information management
Vehicle archives administration: manage the vehicle's archives information . Management of Applying  for service  :each service for every car can be customized .
u consulting information management
Supply graphical interface , display the consulting information in tree structure , can be used   for renewing business consulting details .
u Mobile terminal information management .
Including EM , equipment number ,name , model , communication mode and other information.
◆ User information management , be used to manage the user's data.
◆ Custom information management , used to manage the network connecting customer's data.

4.3.3 GIS information system
Its main function is to real-time display the monitored moving object's location and the path , geographic information inquiry ,map 's upgrade . Specific division :

◆ Tracking location :CMS can track car location , speed ,direction at any time .car location can be monitored in the mode of ,location, timing , distance, speed, routine , range, place .with function of single point location , all-time monitoring , key point tracking monitoring . And it can display the real-time state of the vehicle .

◆Simple scheduling :can realize all kinds of vehicles' scheduling by the word information and voice communication between the vehicle and CMS .

◆Active alarming: when vehicle is hijacked or accident occurs , user can report alarm to the CMS actively .
◆Visual display :vehicle's path can be displayed visually on the electronic map in the CMS.
◆History :CMS can record and check the route 's history , and playback the video .
◆Information sharing :CMS can supply the user monitoring information of the vehicle .
◆User information :CMS can check the user's information
◆Real-time tracking :after vehicle alarm , it can be tracked automatically  without restriction of geography and territorial .(position , direction, speed)
◆Synergia tracking :when vehicle in alarming state, CMS can report alarm to relevant department , notify the vehicle location , to assistant tracking .
◆Salvation function :CMS can provide route guiding , bug assistant function to vehicle .

When CMS receive the vehicle 's GPS location information , it will display the moving target's route on the map screen , different moving target with different color ,can notably mark the target 's current location and match it with number , display the moving target's number ,speed, positioning information , direction angle , GPS time . When mark the moving target on the map screen ,you can match it with different color according to the vehicle state which is along with GPS positioning information .( dot means moving target's route , use small icon to show the target 's current location ) center can set  interval of the monitored moving target 's GPS positioning information pass back time .

◆Software alarm

This function is to limit the scope of activities of the moving target, The operator on the map to specify a moving target for driving range or movement track, When moving targets span the region or deviation from the track,the monitoring software will to be automatic alarm.


Moving target position Search :input the number of moving targets can be shows the historical site of the moving target on the map, can also be sent through "request
place" instructions to obtain for the current location of the vehicle.

Moving targets information search:Input the number of moving targets can be take out the information from the database, including moving target number, subordinate unit,  user name, vehicles type, main characteristics of vehicles and so on.

Moving target environment information search: Input the moving target number and setting the distance parameters can find out the target of the recent move away from another the location of the object or at specified intervals all of the location of the object.

◆Positioning information database:
At the same time in monitoring can put the GPS position data  stored in the database and the monitoring time period as the index, when need can playback track.

◆Map operation:
Enlarge: The enlarge functions to achieve the layout of the map to zoom in to facilitate the user to view the need.

Reduction:The reduction functions achieve the narrow layout of the map to facilitate the user to view the need.


Refresh Map:On the current map page to refresh.

Object search:search a point on the map or a range of geographic target information, including target location, name and other attribute information.


Roaming: When the map size beyond the viewing area, with roaming function to mobile ( roaming) graphics, in order to see a map of the other part.


Layer control: with the graphics scaling different, show different detailed map of the degree of content, avoid screen too close adverse observation, make screen carrying degrees more reasonable; In each layer form of expression, show the recessive control.

Print Map: print current window shows the map of the area.

Display scale: on a monitor to the bottom right corner of the window display the current monitoring window

Report forms management system

SSG GPS provide classification inquiry of  vehicle's operating information to users , and creat and print the data report .

◆Supply in time data inquiry

◆Supply the preview and  print of the inquiring data .

4.3.5 Vehicle and driver management system

Vehicle and drivers' simple MIS system , certain function and clarification dealing and record statistic of different information can be customized according to logistics enterprise 's specific requirement .

Basic information including :vehicle license tag , vehicle self number , model( truck , jar,drag, lift up , passenger), and the tons , as well as the drivers' name and some basic information .

Specific data includes : vehicle length , width , busload ,driver's record , department, operating property , commissioning date and so on , provide data suppuration for intelligent command and scheduling system

Vehicle's repair information management:record equipment's commissioning data and maintainance

Vehicle 's insurance information : record the type of insurance , cover date, remind when time comes .

Fee Details of the construction of the platform , plz refer to the sales manager .



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