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SA-1168-3G1 Basic function(without GPS)


SA-1168 -3G1 rearview mirror-- basic function
This product looks like a car rearview mirror , strongly hidden , woks after detecting continual vibrating and shaking under arm (the vibrating and shaking time can be setted from 5 seconds to 99 seconds). Using 3G WCDMA communication, which the most popular form of communication

1. Easy installation:install it on the car rearview mirror , just need 5 seconds for installation , no any wiring like other GPS devices. Built-in lithium battery, 10 hours battery life per charging.
2. Secure your car: it will make engine-starting alarm under arm (do it by vibration sensors in the car)
3.Built-in 3G camera: 1.3 megapixel HD camera, it will auto dial user¡äs 3G mobile and send live video to you mobile via 3G video call. If no 3G signals , it will switch to 2G network.
4. Image zoom: you can control the camera to 5X zoom via your mobile to watch clearer video.
5. SD card video recording: it can be used as small car monitoring device, you can start video recording in advance if needed.
6.Emergency alarm: it has a hidden panic button , you can press it for emergency help.
7. Car telephone: it has car telephone function, you can make hand-free two-way call if needed (user can close two-way talking but listen in only on emergency alarm)
8. Videophone : Support watch video through input password. Using password authentication。
9.Wireless panic button (Customizable function) : there is a hidden panic button on the device, now you can customise it to wireless panic button to make it more perfect.
10. IR night vision: it has built-in and hidden camera with IR LEDs , you can start IR night vision remote.
11. Remote video monitoring and listen in: you can start mute working mode to listen in and make video monitoring to the car thieves .
12.Remote arm and disarm: If you forget to arm the car, you can remote arm and disarm through call or send SMS to the host.
13. MMS alarm function: If the areas without 3G signals,it will change to 2G network signal automatically. And you can get real-time pictures through your phone.
14.USB setting \System update: you can bind your phone number, emergency number, change mode etc on computer through connecting the USB also can use USB cable to make online update to your system if needed.
15、power supply mode :build in lithium battery、DC12V or DC24 Cigarette lighter car charger power supply

Packing: rearview mirror( build in lithium battery, 3G camera)+ car charger+ USB data line + user manual luxury packing




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