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Mortgage vehicle monitoring system
Banks and insurance company or the car marketing company build SSG GPS monitoring and location management center and equip the mortgage vehicles with SSG car monitoring and location terminal units . Can realize the real-time  car tracking ,manageing and monitoring by processing the dynamic data of the monitoring station and the terminal car monitoring unit as well as the communication system .


Product solution :


a. SSG Intelligent monitoring scheduling software system
B. SSG GPS vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal system .

system function :
v vehicle location :can search the vehicle location and display it on the terminal monitoring map.
v tracking play back:administrator can playback the tracking history stored in the system .

v remote control :can remote control the vehicle to shut down by the monitoring terminals .

solve the problem :
v Enhance the safety of the bank loan ,also can increase the car marketing company's business intercom .
V Can increase the accommodator's psychological pressure of repayment .force them to pay it timely . And reduce the probability of go against the mortgage contract .
v can urge them to repay money by telephone , mobile phone ,short message ,to ensure the mortgage fund can be recovered timely .
v after the steal and cheat event occurs , can track the location of the mortgage car and also retrieve the car .
v in case the mortgage car is stolen, the monitoring station can control the vehicle and to ensure the owner 's profit .



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