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GPS Vehicle Monitoring & Scheduling System for Taxi and Long-distance Passenger Vehicles


Make use of GSM and GPS to create GPS Vehicle Monitoring & Scheduling System to achieve goals such as Real-time Scheduling and Anti robbery and Anti theft Alarm.Apply with this system,help to use your car more effectively, improve your ability to handle with unexpected and emergency accident,improve your efficiency to manage cars and driver,in one word better to enhance your company's competitiveness .

System Function:

    • Monitoring and Scheduling Manage Service:show vehicle in every area and make a reasonable allocation to the passengers.
    • Real-time Message Service:Manage station announce traffic situation and weather report through message.
    • Free call out service:Fulfill multi-person calling function more safety and conveniently.
    • Anti robbery and anti theft service: wireless alarm,tracking alarmed vehicle and engine off by remote control.
    • Real time data pass back service: Operating data can be transmitted wirelessly to the management center;
    • Vehicle scheduling Improved service:perfect GIS checking function,enrich vehicle scheduling services
    • Overspeed service:Once you set the fastest speed,system will alert the driver and manage station when you overspeed.
    • Cross-board alarm service:Setting one vehicle's activity area first,once the vehicle cross the designed area,system will automatic alarm.


    Solve Your Problems:
    Energy saving:Put an end to the driver cook the book on fuel costs, so that reduce the labour costs and operation costs.
    Business expanding:Broaden your market further and enhance your company's competitiveness.
    High efficiency:This high- tech manage system help to schedule vehicle more efficiency.
    More safety:Achieve unified management, and effective control, to protect the income and property safety of people and vehicles;

    The GPS+3G Video Alarm System from SSG is one of the most hot program in the Security Field. GPS Vehicle Tracking Field with this innovative technology which make a new chapter in GPS positioning, long power-saving standby, 3G Video Monitoring, innovative vehicle infrared scan alarm, remote control by phone and innovative technology to fill the traditional technology vacancies, new upgrading technology.

    Our products is based on global positioning, real-time network monitoring and scheduling help enterprise schedule and monitor vehicles by modern intelligent management, and improve vehicle efficiency, reduce vehicle operating costs, effective control of the vehicle.



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