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Car rental and equipment leasing industry asset surveillance management scheme

In the car rental and equipment leasing industry , because the lessor can not grasp the assets site of assets and the actual use of state ,the universal existence of cheat rent,expired not return it to lessor,,excessive use for leasing enterprise benefit causes negative effect,According to industry management problem,design the special function, make leasing company can prompt understanding rent assets trend, improve the efficiency of management, reduce the loss of assets.


Product solutions:

a、Intelligent monitoring management software system

b、GPS vehicle intelligent terminal system

System Function:

V Vehicle positioning inquires the: system was established with mobile asset leasing company between rapid,, accurate, and effective information transmission channel. Lessing companies can keep abreast of the status of mobile assets. At the same time, can according to the need of vehicle for remote control.

V Vehicle Management:Information Management content covers the basic information of the vehicles (such as license plate number,vehicle type,tonnage,color,etc)safety record, etc. The system of vehicle will be the information collection, entry,and then to the user to modify,delete,and query functions.

V Black Box Record: the automatic recording lease traffic time, driving route and parking place;when driving rental vehicles don't follow the prescribed line,the system will automatically to the monitoring center issued a warning signal, and shows the location of the target vehicle and call the police state.

V Cross-border Alarm:Leasing companies can set up the rental vehicle or the operation of equipment line, when vehicles or equipment beyond boundaries,will be automatically sent to the monitoring center vehicles cross boundaries alarm, the center will be automatically real-time tracking of the vehicle

V Track Record/Replay: the system can will be monitoring vehicles or the operation of equipment trajectory to be automatic recording, and can repeat play, for the analysis of the later settle disputes or provide reliable evidence.

V Network Query:in circumstances authorized by the monitoring center,leasing company can through the Internet to inquire about the vehicles or equipment real-time operation condition.



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