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Function and Standard Kit
Basic function:
SA-1168-C -3G1     SSG 3G camera car rearview mirror-basic funtion host
This product looks like a car rearview mirror,strongly hidden,works after it feels and detects continual vibrating and shaking in a short time(it can setting the time 5s to 99s) from the car.
1.Easy installation: install it on the car rearview mirror in 5 seconds , no any wiring like other GPS devices, built-in back battery, 10 hour battery life per charging.
2.Secure your car: when it is armed,it can feel and detect engine-starting and make alarms(there is vibration sensors in the car)
3.Built-in 3G camera: 1.3 megapixel HD camera, it will auto dial and send live video to user's 3G cellphone via 3G video call. If no 3G signals , it will switch to 2G GSM network.
4.Image zoom: you can control the camera to make 5X electronic zoom via cellphone to watch clearer monitoring video image.
5.TF card video function: You can open video function in advance if you need, as a Mini monitor equipment,
6.Emergency alarm: it has a hidden panic button on the device and can also work with wireless panic button,you can press it for emergency help when you are in danger.
7.Car telephone: it can works as a car telephone, you can choose hand-free,two-way talk if needed (if it is emergency alarm,two-way talk function will be closed but listen in works only on,you must enter password to turn on two-way talk).
8.Video phone function:you can check the video by password.
9.Can be expanded emergency button function:Can be expanded External emergency button.It makes the emergency assistance is more hidden, the function is more perfect.
10.Built-in camera with IR night vision: the camera is hidden behind the rearview mirror,more concealed,it will trigger and start IR night vision function under alarm.
11.Remote video surveillance and listen-in function: default mute alarm mode,you can make remote video surveillance and listen-in to the car on your
3G cellphone without been awared by the car stealer.
12.Cellphone cost-free arm/disarm function:if the car owner get out the car and forget arm the system,he/she can remote dial the mirror’s number to arm or disarm it at no cost,this will make you do not need to take keyfobs always with you.
13.MMS alarm function: at places without 3G signal, it will auto change to 2G alarm signal,you can ask for pictures in the car by your cellphone.
14.USB Settings, upgrade function: through the USB on the computer by host password bind owners number, SOS number, switching mode,etc. the host can be upgraded online, also can upgraded through own USB hole of product .
15.Power supply: built-in backup battery,DC12V or DC24V car cigarette lighter power charging.(Or can be expanded by the original car electric frequency power supply)

SA-1168-C -3G2  
The 3 G Cellphone eye + rearview mirror intelligent GPS    positioning all-in-one PC
In SA-1168-C-3 G1 function based on the increased: mobile intelligent positioning function
16.Cellphone SMS positioning function:
SMS content include alarm event information and positioning link,you can click the positioning link to show the positon of the alarm car on your smart phone(connecting Google maps by GPRS).

SA-1168-C-3 G3  
Car rearview mirror 3 G eye + upload GPS positioning management platform car terminal

In SA-1168-C-3 G2 function based on the increased: first upload the function of the platform
17. GPS and pictures sent to platform function: platform unified management, alarm positioning and upload pictures, real-time tracking platform .
18. GPS function: contain positioning, real-time tracking, blind area can real-time know goal owed, any time and any position of goal can be know, have track the boundary line/playback, alarm, speeding alarm, mileage statistics function, etc
19. acoustic processing: electronic fence the boundary/out the police, emergency alarm, speeding alarm, escort for travel; Cooperate with speech monitored, forced to speak, cell phone video transmission or remote platform taking pictures mode.
20. remote set and control:  remote terminal equipment set up the system can be used a 3 G card, also can use ordinary SIM card reduce fees and avoid no 3 G signal area, no 3 G signal will automatically to smooth and fast GPRS communication format, is completely different from the market now GPRS "snail" speed.
Configuration: the rearview mirror host (built-in lithium electricity, 3 G camera, GPS locator) + car charger + USB cable,  a luxurious high-quality goods packaging


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